Overwhelmed by the pacer freedom Leofamily forgot a little bit about Leoblog.
Because who would choose a computer, where the alternatives are travels, mountains, trekking, sightseeing?

Leo spent the beginning of May in a very active way.
It was amazing, much easier than before.
In fact, it was almost normal.
How it was supposed to be from the very beginning!
Leo (with the help of Leodad) walked 6-km long mountain routes. Really difficult ones.
And when, after hours of walking, he was tired, he just lay down and slept wherever it was possible: on a grass, on a bench, in the car.
Leoparents didn't have to be stressed with what was stressing them for the past five and half years.
And they didn't have to carry with themselves the 7-kg, bulky and delicate ventilator,
who could only work for a few hours on a battery.
The little black box became the key to conquer new paths.
Not only the mountain ones. 
Because, thanks to that little black box, you could for example lie down on a small sofa next to your mum and just peacefully fall asleep there.
Pretending to be a little mouse.