Leo knew since June.
He knew that he would fly by plane in September, in the group of five.
Leo, Leomom, Leodad, Aga, and number five, the dog.
The dog would fly, too.

Life was revolving around this flight.
Stories were told.
Leo heard that he would see clouds and mountains form above
and the houses would look very small,
and his luggage would be checked in.
And that the plane has got wheels.

The reason for the commotion was the invitation
for Leo and his family to take part on Look&Roll Film Festival.
The festival organisers care for special needs guests.
They fight for equal their rights and are against discrimination.
They show that disabled people can fly, play and enjoy life.
The Festival organiser have invited Leo's entire family for a big celebration.

Leofamily had started to work on the procedures enabling Leo to travel by plane in June.
Tons of paperwork, dozens of phone calls.
The formal requirements have been met.
All of them.
The permission has been granted.
Swiss Air has consented.

September began with the final countdown.
All of Leo's toy cars changed into planes.
Leo would wake up every morning counting days to come.
Five, four, three, two.
Yesterday he woke up showing one finger.
One day.
We are off tomorrow.

Unfortunately, at 13.30, 20 hours before the departure
a mail from the Aircarrier shuttered our dreams.
Dear Sir, Dear Madam, unfortunately we cannot take you on board.
We have changed our minds.
Please do not aim so high.
People with ventilators should stay at home.
Sincerely and coldly.
We are so sorry.

How to share this news with a child?
You are not flying, my dear, although we have promised.
You are handicapped, that’s your fate.
It is not your first or last disappointment, face it.

But don't worry, We'll swing in the playground instead.
It's gonna a be cool.

Just to make things clear:
you can travel by plane with a ventilator and medical equipment.
Leo's family knows a lot of people who did.
CCHS- sufferers among them.
There are no medical or technical contraindications.

Peter Bruegel, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus