This post was supposed to be about Leoparents’ big success; they finally decided to do IT!
They bribed their son with a new bed for older children and got rid of him from the bedroom.
(Who is a big boy now, Leo? Who will sleep ALONE in his room?! Bravo, bravo!!!)
For themselves, they bought a few meters of extension cable for the pulse oxymeter that they put right next to their bed while Leo, connected to it, went to his very own room.
And we had beautiful two weeks.
When Leo disconnected from the ventilator, Leoparents rushed straight to his room, but then they would go back to their own recovered bed.
Unfortunately this fairy tale is over now. Leo got tired of playing the big boy, and decided to finish with this and come back to his (?!) place.
- 3 people are to be together – He announced in his own language and Leoparents didn’t dare to say no to him.
And so he came back from his exile.
They sleep together, all three of them again, with two tubes and a cable.
So basically this post is not necessary, as nothing has changed…