The crisis always comes at nine in the evening.
- Leo, what time do you make? Leo glances at the clock at bursts crying.
- Wannan't to sleep!, this is the first sentence in Leocareer
which has become an evening mantra.
- Leo, it's almost nine.
- Wannan't to sleep!, he panics.
And neither the ventilator, nor pipes,
nor any other fear or discomfort is in question here.
The reason is absolutely different.
He produces a book with pictograms and indicates the one saying "and want to play".
Indeed, how can you sleep if there are so many things to do.
There books, bricks, train, crayons, jigsaw puzzle, a ball, cars,
a doggy, colored papers, mazes, Colourful paints...
Sleeping is a waste of life.
- Wannan't to sleep!, he stubbornly insists. Perhaps, the parents did not here him well?
- Wannan't to sleep!, he argues, indicating his toys.
- Wannan't to sleep!, he repeats brushing his teeth, taking shower, putting his pajamas on.
- Wannan't to sleep, he reminds us, climbing up his bed.
Yet, he fights till the very end,
hoping that maybe he will manage to persuade us and will not have to sleep at all!
Never again!
- Wanna not…, he begins the sentence,
already lying under his blanket but breaks in the middle of the sentence.
He sleeps.

PS. 1 Fear of very dirty his – domesticated!!!
PS. 2 "Our Curse" received an award for the best document at the Aspen Shortsfest Festival 2014 (USA)!!!!!
PS. 3 Here you can find the review:"