For a second let’s go back to our voyage and another, already mentioned, explosion in Leodevelopment.
The Tuscan sun pulled out from Leo what has been swelling in him for a long time.
A stream of words poured out of him – Leo couldn’t stop talking.
Or, strictly speaking, asking.
He discovered the power of question mark and now he doesn’t allow
his parents even a single thread of privacy;
he asks questions about everything that has been nudging him for the last 4,5 year.

Where were you? What were you doing? What did you buy? What did you buy for me?
What did you ride? Which tram? And to which stop? And with whom? What did you eat?
Why? When? How much? Why? What does it mean? How? Where was it?
And what does it rhyme with? (!)

And on top of that, several times a day
Where am I?

Leoparents are basking in these questions.
Nothing is secret, they have to confess everything.
Everything, really, EVERYTHING…