Leo's trip to the desert ended with an emergency landing.
For unknown reasons, Leo's breathing became inefficient,
so Leomom and Leoaunt put him in the car and took him home early.

The doctor came, examined him, listened to his breathing, looked at this throat, in his ear.
He didn't find anything out of the ordinary,
and after a day at home Leo rebounded.
His blood-oxygen levels, temperature and mood all returned to normal.

So Leoparents put him in the car again and went on another trip to the countryside.
Unfortunately, there were more problems. Leo became sluggish, moody, unhappy.
He didn't want to do anything.
He only wanted to sit in the car, ideally on the way home.

Worried and surprised, Leoparents did as he asked
and cut short another attempt at rest and relaxation.

And then, at home, everything became clear.
The reason for Leo's indisposition blossomed all over his body--
he was covered in dozens of itchy bumps.

Now we only had to pass the time at home.
And to make sure that Leo didn't scratch himself too much...