When Leo is a behaving and humble at the dentist’s
(or any other doctor) Leoparens wink at each other.
Their looks express satisfaction with their son:
he is clever, brave, and mature enough to accept the unavoidable.

If, however, Leo gets hysterical at the steps of the dentist’s,
(or any other doctor) weeps and screams in terror,
if he rebels against the visit with all fours, his parents wink, too.
This time their looks express delight at their son’s strength,
firmness of character, persistence and uncompromising nature.

When Leo falls victim to their manipulations
they are delighted to see him so trustful and lovable,
when he is not taken in by their tricks
- they are proud with his wit and are convinced
that he won’t be easily conned in life.

Besides they love to discuss his hair colour.
It is a recurring subject of endless discussion,
it has been discussed hundreds of times.
According to Leoparents the colour of Leo’s hair is absolutely unique,
striking, fabulous and perfect.

Recently something strange happened…
When watching Leo in a group of other kids,
Leo’s parents noticed that roughly eighty percent of his peers share the the same hair colour.
The unpleasant constatation lasted only seconds.
After a while they concluded that it was just an illusion because,
after all, his hair colour is perfect, unique and original.