After the whole day of wandering through the city Leofamily ended up having a dinner at the friends' place.
Leo was so exhausted that he didn't even wait for the dessert, his love to sleep appeared to be greater than his love to eat;
in the middle of the second dish he just got off the table and went straight onto the couch, where he allowed to be connected to all his devices
... and that was it. He immediately fell asleep.
Leoparents, finally free of necessity to answer the millions of Leoquestions, got lost into the conversation with their friends.
And then they realised that it was 2 am.
- How is it possible? It has just been 11 pm a while ago??!!! We have to call a taxi!!! And carry him somehow!
- We have to watch out that he won't wake up! Otherwise, it will be a mess and he won't fall asleep until 5 am!
- It doesn't make sense... What to do?
- So maybe you could stay here for the night? - offered the owner of the place. - There's one room free, with a big bed!
And I have toothbrushes for the guests...

Toothbrushes as an argument to stay!!!
It's completely new in the life of Leofamily.
Fo the last five and a half years the decision depended on the large medical devices.
Leoparents had to plan everything very precisely ahead, either by taking the ventilator with the cable, 
or by coming back early, before the ventilator's battery ran out or before Leo got tired.
They were dependent on electricity, tied by the cable to the wall, forced to charge the battery every few hours.
They could not do anything without prior preparation, they could not go anywhere without carrying the bulky heavy thing.

And suddenly, they realised it is all over.
That now finally they can!
They can be flexible.
They can be spontaneous.
The leash got loose!!!

So, of course, they did stay for the night :-)